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Downy Serviceberry
Amelanchier arborea

One of the earlier spring bloomers here at Middle Way Nature Reserve, the Downy Serviceberry gets its name from the fine hairs (down) that appear on the leaves and twigs in the spring. It has delicate, fragrant white flowers that give way to red/purple berries.

I have yet to taste a berry, but I’ve read they are quite sweet! Makes sense that every other form of wildlife or bird wants to eat them too.

There is another serviceberry that is very similar (Smooth Serviceberry) so I need to double check this i.d. in the spring.

Size: 25' tall 
Family: Rosaceae (Rose family)  
Habitat: Woodlands, forests, red oak forests, high-elevation rock outcrops. Common in mountains not as common in the Piedmont. 
Identification:  A deciduous multi-stemmed tree with delicate five-petaled white flowers in mid-spring, berries in the summer. Ovate leaves which are gray/hairy when young, turn yellow-red in the autumn. 
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