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What to do about the Birds?

I went back and forth about how to post all of the birds I’ve spotted here at Middle Way. I have a few photos, but they are sadly of dead birds, and who wants to look at a photo of a bird with ants in its eyes?

Have you tried to spot a bird with binoculars? Well, try getting a photo of one. Impossible! I have new respect for bird photographers. Wowzers.

In lieu of a current solution, I wanted to put together the list of birds I have seen and heard (I am actually quite adept and stubborn at identifying bird calls). I decided the best option would be to use and credit photos that are available on the Creative Commons, and link to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology (allaboutbirds.org) where the user can find recordings, photos, maps, and other identification information. Why reinvent the wheel?

All text and photos copyright © 2022 Middle Way Nature Reserve, unless noted.