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Help With Identification

As I’ve said throughout the site here and here, we are no expert in any of this. Therefore, some (or maybe more than some) of our identifications might be incorrect.

The good news is that we love learning! And we definitely want to have our information accurate. Can you help us?

On each page, you can comment below the content, to let us know if something is amiss. Once we review, we’ll make the appropriate corrections to the entry.

In addition, our information has been compiled through observation, as well as from various reference books, websites, and other sources. We do our best to name these sources in quotes and to link to them when possible.

Thank you for your help in this massive project!

-Green Wizard (nature-loving/LOTR alter-ego)

Items I’m definitely looking for help with:

  • Virginia Knotweed
    Virginia Knotweed
  • Strict-branch Coral
    Strict-branch Coral
  • Sorrel #2
    Sorrel #2
  • Sorrel #1
    Sorrel #1
  • Somekind of ‘cone’ Mushroom
    Somekind of ‘cone’ Mushroom
  • Shaggy Parasol
    Shaggy Parasol
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