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Mapleleaf Viburnum
Viburnum acerifolium

This was a fun discovery! Right near my garden deer fence I noticed some lovely clustered white blooms, and I immediately thought “viburnum”. What kind of viburnum was another story. The way I finally figured it out was the leaf shape, and it was unmistakably Mapleleaf Viburnum.

Unfortunately this isn’t a viburnum that has tasty berries, so they are best left for the wildlife.

Alternate Names: Maple-leaf Arrowwood, Dockmackie
Size: 3'-6' tall, 3'-6' wide
Family:  Caprifoliaceae (Honeysuckle Family)
Habitat: Moist to dry woods, sun to partial shade.
Identification: Deciduous clumpy shrub with 3-lobed maple shaped leaves that are coarsely toothed. Produces numerous clusters of white flowers above the leaves. After, the fruit is fleshy, and a very dark purple-black when ripe. Blooms April-June, Fruits August-October.
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