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Southern Harebell
Campanula divaricata

This is another plant identification that was assisted by the members of the Virginia Native Plant Society facebook group. Thanks all!

I love this delicate little purple bell flower. You could almost miss it. Honestly, since I’ve started this project around 6 years ago, I have observed and seen more flowers and more variation than I had ever imagined…and I grew up in a family where we would hike and my grandfather (an studied naturalist) would point out plant, insect and bird species to me and my brother. Anyway, no matter where you start from, the more you start looking, the more the wondrous and miraculous world opens up to you.

Alternate Names: Appalachian Bellflower, Small Bonny Bellflower
Size: 30-60' tall
Family: Campanulaceae (Bellflower Family)
Habitat: "Dry to average, well-drained rocky acidic soils in filtered shade to full sun, such as rock outcrops, cliffs, or summits. Prefers sloping, open woodland situations and rocky outcrops.
Identification: "Alternate, lanceolate leaves, serrate, 1-3 inches. Large, loose cluster of small, pale, blue-violet bell-shaped flowers with a long, protruding style. Droops from horizontal branches". Flowers mid summer-fall.  From plants.ces.ncsu.edu/
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