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Two Headed Water Starwort
Callitriche heterophylla

The only plant that I knew that looked like this was duck weed, but that’s not what this was. I had to share with folks on Virginia Native Plant Society to get help in identification. Turns out, this plant CAN be eaten by ducks, but it’s Two Headed Water Starwort. It’s considered a “weed” and is non-native.

I have yet to catch it in bloom (which is surprising to me because I hike by it at least every month).

I do love the name “starwort” and it turns out that is the name for a number plants that have star-like flowers or leaves.

Alternate Names: Water Starwort
Family: Callitrichaceae (Water-Starwort Family)
Habitat: Found in water, typically where there is little to movement of the water (like streams, lakes, ditches).
Identification: "Submersed leaves are linear in outline and approximately 6 mm wide and to 1 inch long. The submersed leaves are much different from either the floating or emersed leaves. Floating and emersed leaves are either crowded in a rosette-type growth habit or arranged oppositely from one another. Floating and emersed leaves are approximately 1/4 to 1 inch long." From Wikipedia  Blooms March-May
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