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American Crow
Corvus brachyrhynchos

Featured image credit: “American Crow” by Manjith Kainickara *manjithkaini.net* is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

To hear songs, learn identification information, migratory patterns, and some fun facts, check out the American Crow page offered by one of my favorite resources: the Cornell Lab of Ornithology »

In my family, crows are not an ominous sign. It probably started because my grandfather always had an affinity for crows, and that passed down through our family. The day he died, my brother (who didn’t know he had died) was visited by a particular crow, and suddenly knew that Poppa had died. It was more of a nice thing, than an ominous thing.

When my brother died, I was living in New York City. The next day I took the train down to D.C. to be with my parents. On the ride I was sitting next to the window, and a whole flock of crows followed the train for about 15 minutes, right next to the section of the train I was in.

There are other similar stories in my family that both I and others have experienced. It’s probably just coincidence, but we do like to think that it could be something more.

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