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Coker’s Amanita
Amanita coker

Personally I’ve always called this mushroom the nuclear explosion fungus. Observing the different stages of it’s shape and development, it makes complete sense why scientists called the cloud after an atomic explosion a “mushroom cloud.”

This bold white mushroom is poisonous! It contains type three toxins.

Alternate Names: Solitary Lepidella
Size: Cap 7–15 cm diameter, stem 10-20 cm tall
Family: Amanitaceae 
Habitat: Scattered under Virginia pine or mixed hardwood/pine stands. 
Identifiers: The cap surface is characterized by large pointed warts, white to brown in color. Stem tapers slightly to the top, smooth and shaggy. Under the cap there is a rick, thick and double edged. It has a large basal bulb. Flesh is white, and no odor. Spore print white. Fruits most often September-October. 
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