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Common Blue Violet
Viola papilionacea

I knew that violet flowers could be made into candy or jelly, however I didn’t know that violet leaves are high in vitamins A and C and can be used in salads or cooked as greens. Good to know if there isn’t a grocery store nearby!

I also didn’t know that violet flowers are bisexual. The flowers that form an open flower are called “chasmogamous” (open marriage) and those that never open are called “cleistogamous” (closed marriage). Both types are bisexual (perfect) and set seed but at different times. (From Friend of the Wild Flower Garden)

Common Blue Violet is a member of the leafless class where the flowering stem rises directly from the root without any leaves and there is no separate above ground flowering stem. And since the erect flower stem droops slightly, as if bending its head toward the ground, the flower is associated with modesty and decency (Andy Fyon).

Size: 4-10"
Family: Violaceae (Violet Family) 
Habitat: Rich, moist woods, also grows well in average, medium wet, well drained soils.
Identifiers: Glossy heart-shaped leaves topped by 5 petaled purple flowers with white fuzzy throats. The erect flower droops slightly on the stem.
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