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Stokes Aster
Stokesia laevis

This is a plant that I found must be cultivated for gardens, because when you look it up, instead of getting various botany websites, you can garden center and online plant selling websites. It makes sense, it’s a showy bright purple flower (cultivar flowers are much more “full” than this flower).

I always enjoy finding something native in the wild that has been bred and sold to people. Just another one of the many gifts around here.

Size: 12-18" tall
Family: Asteraceae (Aster Family)
Habitat: Slightly acidic coastal plains, bogs, pine savanna, and open woodlands. 
Identification: "A low perennial with a basal cluster of dark-green, lance-shaped leaves. The numerous, solitary, flower heads are 3-4 in. across, with deeply divided blue rays and very prominent blue florets from the disk."  From wildflower.org  Blooms May-August
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