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Confederate Violet
Viola sororia priceana

My understanding is that among various authorities there is debate about whether this is a distinct species from the Common Blue Violet or not. I have NO skin in this game. It looks a little different, so it’s getting it’s own entry!

For more information see the Common Blue Violet.

Size: 4-10"
Family: Violaceae (Violet Family) 
Habitat: Rich, moist woods, also grows well in average, medium wet, well drained soils.
Identifiers: Glossy heart-shaped leaves topped by 5 petaled flowers with white fuzzy throats. "The petals of this form of Viola sororia are a mottled combination of blue-violet with white; from a distance, they appear pale to medium blue-violet. From the throat of the flower, there are dark blue-violet lines radiating outward (particularly on the lower petal)." From Illinois Wildflowers. The erect flower droops slightly on the stem.
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