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Robin’s Plantain
Erigeron pulchellus

This is one of many in the species Erigeron, which are also called fleabane. They have been said to keep fleas, gnats and other annoying insects away. “Back in the day” dried fleabane was used as mattress stuffing to help reduce flea bites.

Alternate Names: Fleabane
Size: stems 8-24" tall.
Family: Asteraceae (Aster Family) 
Habitat: Open, moist woods, forests, trailsides. 
Identification: "A hairy perennial herb with spoon-shaped leaves 1-5 in. long. Stem leaves are alternate, lanceolate, progressively reduced upward. Usually 2-5 daisy-like flower heads with 50-100 white to lilac-colored ray flowers and yellow disk flowers." From Wildflowers & Plant Communities Flowers April-early June

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