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Rock Polypody Fern
Polypodium virginianum

There is something about the way the leaves are on this fern are; how the indentation is rounded instead of sharp, and kind of wide… In a similar way that as a kid you’d put your hand on a piece of paper, and trace around your fingers, and the indentations would be round and wide, and out and bulbous… it just… this fern just…. I like it.

Alternate Names: Rock Cap Fern, Common Polypody
Family: Polypodiaceae
Habitat: Typically grows on boulders, cliffs, and rocky slopes and does not need well-developed soil. 
Identification: "A small rhizomatous fern with narrow leaves 3.1–15.7 in long and 1.2–2.4 in wide, borne on smooth, scaleless petioles 1.2–5.9 in. Leaves are evergreen, oblong and pinnatifid with acuminate tips. Large, circular sori are prominently featured on the underside of fertile fronds in late summer and autumn. Sporangia are intermixed with long brown glandular hairs." From wikipedia

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