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Smooth Aster
Symphyotrichum laeve

This was one of the few late summer bloomers that I have spotted around here. It really likes to be on the roadside, which is slightly shaded next to a lot of woodland. Many garden centers actually sell this because of its numerous, lovely blooms that last into the fall.

Aaaaaand this is another flower that really burned out in the photo.

Alternate Names: Smooth Blue Aster
Size: 1-3' tall
Family: Asteraceae (Aster Family)
Habitat: Open woods; dry to mesic prairies.
Identification: "The stout, leafy stem of this perennial grows 2-4 ft., with dark-green foliage that is smooth on top and rough underneath. The attractive and numerous pale-lavender flowers with yellow centers occur in large, open heads atop the stems". From wildflower.org  Blooms August-October

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