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Ringless False Fly Agaric
Amanita parcivolvata

This Amanita resembles Amanita muscaria, except that Amanita is stockier and features more prominent white warts on the cap surface.

Size: Cap 3-7 cm
Family: Amanitaceae
Habitat: Oak-loving species that is frequently found in grassy, disturbed-ground areas like picnic areas, lawns, ditches, roadbanks, etc, though it appears in woods as well. 
Identification: "Cap convex to broadly convex, flat, or shallowly depressed; sticky when fresh; bald underneath scattered white to yellowish dust, warts or patches; red to orange-red or orange, fading fairly quickly from the margin inward; the margin becoming strongly lined. Gills are free from the stem or nearly so; close or nearly crowded; creamy to pale yellow. Stem is 4-12 cm long; up to about 1.5 cm thick; tapering slightly to the apex; with a very slightly swollen base; lacking a ring; pale yellow; dusted; base with with powdery, indistinct, whitish to yellow volval remnants (often left on surrounding soil when the mushroom is picked). Flesh: Pale yellow; unchanging when sliced." From mushroomexpert.com

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