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Ganoderma tsugae

Reishi is a shelf fungus and a polypore, which means on the underside it has little pores instead of gills. It is very popular in Asia, where they use it in teas that promote various health benefits, some of which there is scientific evidence. To learn more you can check out WebMD.

Alternate Names: Lingzhi
Size: Caps measure 5 to 30 cm
Family: Ganodermataceae
Habitat: Reishi grows on dead or dying eastern hemlock. It may also grow on other conifers beginning in late May or early June. It can continue to grow well into early autumn. 
Identification: "The mushroom itself is kidney or fan-shaped and has a distinctive red to orange color, and a shiny lacquered finish on the top.  It’s a polypore, so it lacks gills, but the underside is white (or tan or grey in older specimens) and has pinprick-like dots.  The flesh on the underside develops a brown/tan bruise when pressed". From practicalselfreliance.com
Uses: Broken up and dried reishi is used to make a tea that is notable for its health benefits, which are many. There is some scientific evidence of its effectiveness, including lab research and some small human studies. 

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