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Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly
Cupido comyntas

I think this little butterfly is just so delicate and pretty! I especially like it’s orange spots. I did learn something interesting about this butterfly, besides the fact that it’s pretty common in eastern North America. That is, that the caterpillars of this butterfly prefer to feed on various legumes (like beans or peas, or clovers and vetches) and when they do, they secrete a substance that is a big attractor to some ant species. In turn, the ants protect the larva from other predators! Win-win for everyone!

Size: 0.83" to 1.14" wide with wings open
Family: Lycaenidae 
Habitat: Sunny open areas, the caterpillar likes legumes, vetches and clover. The butterfly likes marigolds according to my photo.
Identification:  Male and female butterflies have different coloring: Males are more blue on the upperside of their wings, while females are lighter blue or even brown in coloring. It has a very little tail on it's wing. On the rear of the hindwings are orange chevron-shaped spots.
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