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False Solomon’s Seal
Maianthemum racemosum

So, there is a “true” Solomon’s Seal out there, and the difference is that on true Solomon’s Seal the flowers are scattered beneath the stem, whereas False Solomon’s Seal has flowers at the very tip of the stem.

Alternate Names: Treacleberry, Feathery False Lily of the Valley, Solomon's Plume, False Spikenard
Size: 1-3' tall
Family: Ruscaceae (Butcher's Broom Family)
Habitat: Moist deciduous woods. Found in every state in the U.S. Very common.
Identification: Single unbranched stems with alternate elliptic 4-6 in. leaves in two rows. At the tip of the stem are tiny white flowers, which ripen to deep translucent red berries. Flowers April-June; fruits June-September.
Uses: The ripe fruits are edible raw or cooked but don't have the best taste, and they can be laxative if consumed in large quantities.
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