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Trailing Arbutus
Epigaea repens

This plant is very sensitive to disturbance, both human and environmental (drought and flood) and is slow-growing. Those are some of the many reasons why this plant is very scarce in the wild these days.

According to what I read, it has a lovely fragrance, however when I was looking at this small flower, I didn’t think to smell it, so I don’t know what it actually smells like.

Alternate Names: Mayflower, Plymouth Mayflower
Size: 4-6" tall
Family: Ericaceae (Heath Family)
Habitat: Sandy to peaty woods or clearings.
Identification: "Trailing-arbutus becomes a creeping mat, commonly only 4-6 in. high. The broad, oval, leathery leaves are aromatic and evergreen. A trailing, evergreen plant with sweet-scented pink or white flowers in terminal and axillary clusters on hairy stems. Trumpet-shaped, white to pale pink flowers, also aromatic, are followed by a whitish berry, resembling a raspberry in appearance."  From wildflower.org Blooms March-May
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