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Partridge Berry
Mitchella repens

I just love this dainty little ground cover. It’s super delicate looking, and has evergreen leaves, little flowers, and dramatic red berries.

Alternate Names: Twinberry, Running Box, Pigeon Plum
Size:  2" high max.
Family: Rubiaceae (Madder Family) 
Habitat: Needs moist soil, slightly acidic, undisturbed locations in the shade or part-shade. 
Identification: "A trailing, evergreen herb with white, fragrant, tubular flowers in pairs. Partridgeberry is a creeping, perennial herb, no taller than 2 in. high. All parts are dainty, including its pairs of small, rounded, evergreen leaves; tiny, trumpet-shaped, pinkish-white flowers; and scarlet berries." From wildflower.org. Blooms May-October
Traditional Uses: "First Nations women made a tea from the leaves and berries that was consumed during childbirth." (Wikipedia)
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