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Stump Puffball
Apioperdon pyriforme

This species is edible only when the internal spore tissue (gleba) is completely white and uniform in appearance. Care must be taken not to confuse puffballs with young stages of Amanita species which are enclosed by a universal veil.

Alternate Names: Pear-shaped Puffball
Size: 1.5 to 4.5 cm width, 2 to 4.5 cm height
Family: Lycoperdaceae 
Habitat: "Emerging in autumn, this puffball is common and abundant on decaying logs of both deciduous and coniferous wood." 
Identification: "They are often pear-shaped as the name suggests, but they may also be nearly spherical. When very young they are covered in small white spines that typically fall off before maturity. A small developing pore may be visible at the top, while the sterile base of the mushroom is small and appears to be pinched in. Color ranges from nearly white to yellowish brown with the darker shades developing with age, though the base remains white."  From wikipedia
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