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Eastern Sweetshrub
Calycanthus floridus

The cool strappy 2″ flowers on this plant are pollinated by beetles, and are quite long-lasting. The main draw of this plant in my opinion are the super cool looking flowers.

Alternate Names: Carolina Allspice, Bubby Bush (!)
Size: 6-9' tall
Family: Calycanthaceae (Strawberry-shrub Family) 
Habitat: Moist wood openings & edges; stream banks; moist hillsides
Identification: "Deciduous shrub with glossy, aromatic, leathery, dark-green foliage. Its with erect, multiple stems create a rounded outline. Terminal blossoms are solitary and dark red with numerous overlapping, strap-like petals. Flowers are often quite fragrant. Leaves become yellow in fall but are usually not showy."  From wildflower.org
Uses: Essential oil distilled from the flowers, is used in some perfumes.
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