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Venus’ Pride
Houstonia purpurea

This endangered bluet has a range of the entire east coast, at least it did in the past. I am not sure how it became endangered, except assuming loss of habitat (and I couldn’t find detailed information on the type of habitat it prefers).

Alternate Names: Large Houstonia, Woodland Bluets, Purple Bluets, Mountain Bluets
Size: Up to 20" tall
Family: Rubiaceae (Madder Family)
Habitat: Medium Shade to Full Sun 
Identification: "White to purple or lavender flowers. The corolla has a tube and four lobes. The inflorescence contains several flowers. The stem leaves are opposite, sessile, and have 3 to 5 main veins. There are basal leaves which are absent at flowering. The stems are variously hairy." From uswildflowers.com  Blooms May-June
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