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Yellow-breasted Chat
Icteria virens

Featured image credit: “852 – YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT (4-27-2017) edward’s co, tx -05” by Sloalan is licensed under CC0 1.0

SO: This is very exciting news over here at the Middle Way Office of Bird Identification. The news is, I mis-identified a bird call! The good news is, I have heard both of the bird calls here so I didn’t necessarily misrepresent the birds themselves. I just got them a little mixed up.

Basically what I thought was the Yellow-breasted Chat was actually an American Woodcock. However I have also heard the Chat calling as well. They are kind of similar, if you can’t record them and you’re just trying to remember what you heard.

Below is the Yellow-breasted Chat’s call (which some liken to a scolding kind of sound). You can hear the Woodcock’s buzzy sound over at that page.

To hear songs, learn identification information, migratory patterns, and some fun facts, check out the Yellow-breasted Chat page offered by one of my favorite resources: the Cornell Lab of Ornithology »

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