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Old Man of the Woods
Strobilomyces floccopus

So, this is a bolete, which means the undersides has pores instead of gills. It’s also edible, however I just don’t have a desire to try it. Most things I read said it’s unremarkable in taste. (Also again the disclaimer – do not base your mushroom identification on this page, or eat anything based on the information here!)

However I do love the name of this mushroom, and the way it does look kind of shaggy and crackle-y and old. When I spotted it for the first time I was incredibly excited!

Size:  Cap 4-10 cm diameter, stem 5-12 cm high.
Family: Boletaceae 
Habitat: Likes to be in the woods, specifically under hardwoods like oaks and the occasional pine. 
Identification: White to greyish black mushroom with a shaggy cap and stalk. The cap is white underneath the dark brown or black scales. Stalk is slightly narrower toward the cap with two ring zones. Has pores instead of gills. Fruits August-October
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