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Red Maple
Acer rubrum

Okay. So I’m sure you clicked on this because you definitely want to know why Red Maples can have yellow leaves, right?? Well, you can check out this post and discussion from Sibley’s Guide which has a lot of theories. Some say it’s soil conditions, some say it’s whether it’s male or female, some say one year it can be red and then another year yellow…

What we DO know is that maples are ‘polygamomonoecious’ which means basically that one tree can be female one year, and then if necessary change to male the next year.

Nature is just more mysterious and amazing than we can even know.

Alternate Names: Scarlet Maple, Water Maple, Soft Maple
Size: 46-60' tall
Family: Aceraceae (Maple Family)
Habitat: Moist soils along stream banks; moist to drier woodlands. 
Identification: "Large tree with narrow or rounded, compact crown and red flowers, fruit, leafstalks, and autumn foliage. This popular ornamental tree grows 40-60 ft. in cultivation, occasionally reaching 100-120 ft. in the wild. Leaves vary from 3- to 5-lobed, with lobes separated by V-shaped angles. Male trees have notable pinkish red flowers in early spring, and females display decorative red samaras soon after. Young, vigorous trees have smooth, silvery gray bark which provides winter interest." From wildflower.org
Uses: Pioneers made ink and cinnamon-brown and black dyes from a bark extract.

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