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Red Fox
Vulpes vulpes fulva

Even though I have chickens, I love me a red fox. They are so cute! And also, they eat mice! And mice like to live in my car!

It’s pretty rare to spot one, as they are nocturnal and non-migratory, and usually stay in the same area for life. I have spotted them in the daytime however.

It was one of the first deep snows since I had been here at Middle Way, and I borrowed a friend’s snowshoes to walk around the woods. As I was coming out of the trees into a semi-cleared area near the driveway, I spotted TWO red foxes in the snow. I stood there and watched them for 15 minutes until they eventually sauntered off, having had enough of my prying eyes.

Size:  length of 39-41 inches, weight of 9-12 pounds.
Family: Procyonidae 
Habitat: Prefers a diverse habitat in less-populated areas, like farmland. 
Identification: "Prominent, erect ears, a pointed nose, and a long, bushy tail with white tip. The fur is long, soft, with the upper part reddish-yellow, black-tipped on the shoulders". From dwr.virginia.gov

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