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White-footed Mouse
Peromyscus maniculatus nubiterre

Featured Image Credit: “Peromyscus leucopus (white-footed mouse)” is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

I do not like this mouse.

This mouse may, unbeknownst to you somehow get into a giant plastic bin in your shed, and invite three of it’s friends, and then they cannot get out, and have no food or water, and might maybe just proceed to start eating the dead or weaker ones, while pooping and peeing everywhere.

I do not like this mouse.

Alternate Names: #&^@$(!!!
Size: 3.5–3.9 in long (not including tail)
Habitat: In your car in the trunk, in your car inside the walls, in your car behind the glove box, in your car in the vent system, in your shed, in all containers in your shed that can be chewed through, and ideally in your HOUSE if I can figure out how to chew into there!
Identification: "Unlike the deer mouse which it closely resembles, the white-footed mouse’s fur is not soft and luxuriant, and the general color of the back and sides is a reddish or orangish, not grayish, brown. A darkish brown stripe occurs along the middle of the back from the head to tail. The tail is shorter than the combined head-body length, is paler but not white below, and does not end in a tuff of white hairs. In other respects the white-footed mouse is similar to the deer mouse. The throat, belly, and feet are white; the ears thin, sparsely furred, and prominent. The black, beady eyes protrude and the whiskers are long and conspicuous. " From esf.edu
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