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Rough-stemmed Goldenrod
Solidago rugosa

So, it turns out there are a few kinds of goldenrod, so I did my best to identify this one (based on the leaves, flower arrangement and stems). I think it’s rough-stemmed goldenrod, but I could be wrong.

The latin name “solidago” means “whole,” which speaks to the fact that in ancient times this plant was believed to have healing powers.

Now days, people often thing this is the flower that causes their summer allergies, but it’s not – that is ragweed! Goldenrod’s pollen is too large to cause nasal irritation.

Alternate Names: Wrinkleleaf Goldenrod, Wrinkle-leaf Goldenrod, Rough-leaved Goldenrod, Roughleaf Goldenrod, Rough-stemmed Goldenrod, Roughstem Goldenrod
Size: 1'-7' tall
Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower family)
Habitat: Sunny areas in low woods; meadows; old fields; pine barrens; bogs.
Identification: From Wildflower.org: Thin sprays of arching flowering stems occur at the top of sturdy, erect, 2-5 ft. stems. The numerous, narrow, toothed leaves are rough-surfaced.Tall, rough, hairy stem bears divergent, or arching, branches with small, light yellow flower heads concentrated on the upper side. The plant occurs in clumps. Blooms September.
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