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Butter Footed Bolete
Boletus auripes

I’m definitely not 100% sure about this identification, and didn’t get photos of the underside or take a spore print to be sure. Next time I spot it I will try to be more thorough!

I just love the common name of this mushroom, and that’s about all I have to say about this bolete.

Size: Cap diameter 4-13 cm
Family: Boletaceae 
Habitat: Fruits singly, scattered, or in groups on the ground under broadleaf trees, especially oak and beech, but it has also been recorded associating with mountain laurel. ''Boletus auripes'' typically forms fruit bodies between June and November. (From Wikipedia)
Identifiers: Yellowish brown to chestnut-brown cap surface that becomes paler with age, yellow flesh that does not stain blue, and a reticulate stem.
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