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Fire Pink
Silene virginica

These bright red flowers are hummingbird pollinated: they are tubular red flowers with abundant nectar, no landing platforms, no nectar guides, and no detectable floral odor.

A common name for members of this genus is Catchfly, which refers to the sticky hairs or exudates which trap insects. Because of that, most insects can’t reach down the tube of the flower to get to the nectar. However some bees chew holes at the base of the flowers and rob nectar.

Alternate Names: Scarlet Catchfly
Size: 1-2' tall
Family: Caryophyllaceae (Pink Family)
Habitat: Moist to dry, open habitats, including woodlands, rock outcrops, and road banks.
Identification: Fire-pink is a weak-stemmed, short-lived perennial with long, narrow, opposite leaves and bright-red, tubular flowers. Five petals flare out from the flowers’ tubular bases, and each petal is notched into two, sharp-pointed lobes. Bright red, long-stalked flowers bloom in loose clusters at tops of slender, weak, or reclining stems. From Wildflower.org  Flowers April-June
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