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Fluted Birds Nest Fungi
Cyathus striatus

This fungus resembles a miniature bird’s nest with numerous tiny “eggs”; the eggs, or peridioles, are actually lens-shaped bodies that contain spores. They are attached by a sticky cord which can easily attach to things, like a blade of grass, or piece of wood. When it rains, the force of the rain drops discharges the “eggs” to another location with the cord, where the egg will then eventually disintegrate and release the spores.

Size: 1-1.5cm tall, .2-.3 cm wide
Family: Nidulariaceae
Habitat: Among bark, sticks, mulch, growing in clusters.
Identification: Vase-shaped, with dark gray to nearly black oval peridioles at the bottom. Fruits after rain in spring, summer, and fall.
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