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Shining Firmoss
Huperzia lucidula

This moss is so cool!! I mean, just look at it. I use to think moss was just something that was more of a low flat mat on the ground, but this moss, it looks slightly spiky, is tall and erect (for a moss) and, I don’t know, I just love it!

It’s name comes from the fact that the leaves are slightly shiny.

Alternate Names: Shining Clubmoss
Size: 3-8" tall
Family: Lycopodiaceae (Clubmoss family Family)
Habitat: Prefers dappled sunlight to medium shade, and therefore can be found in all kinds of woodlands which have a more acidic and moist to dry-mesic conditions. It is associated with higher quality natural areas. (woo-hoo!)
Identification: "The stems are light green, glabrous, and sparingly branched; stems are usually decumbent on the ground at their bases, otherwise they are ascending to erect. Along the stems, there are dense pseudo-whorls of small sessile leaves. These leaves are slightly ascending above, widely spreading in the middle, and slightly descending below. The size of leaves varies with the season, producing annual growth constrictions. The larger leaves are 6-10 mm. long, while smaller leaves are 4-6 mm. long. Both kinds of leaves are linear-oblanceolate or linear-oblong in shape, while their margins are slightly toothed to entire (smooth). The upper leaf surface is medium to dark green and shiny, while the lower leaf surface is slightly more pale". From illinoiswildflowers.info 

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