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Shining Waxcap
Gloioxanthomyces nitidus

You can’t really tell here, but if you look at photos of other kinds of waxcap mushrooms, you can definitely tell why they are named as such! Some of them have caps that literally look like they are made of wax. Freaky!

Size: Cap 1-4cm, stipe 3-8cm long
Family: Hygrophoraceae
Habitat: "Grows on the ground (often among mosses) in groups in coniferous or mixed forests. It prefers bogs, swamps, and similar moist habitats."
Identification: " Fruitbodies have convex, apricot-yellow to orange caps that are 1–4 cm (0.4–1.6 in) in diameter. The pale yellow, waxy gills are decurrent, with a somewhat distant spacing. Other than the gills and the base of the stipe, the bright coloring of the fruitbody fades with age". From wikipedia.com 

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